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Especially for customers who are looking for extreme escorts, we have created an exclusive service.
Extreme sex with escorts who dare to go much further
Our customers, both new and solid, have always been very satisfied. In the past this was the case, however, there were many believe something they missed. So we were told by several customers that they wanted to look at the more extreme end of the escort industry. And because we always listen to the needs of our customers, we have been therefore created this exclusive service. If you are a lover of extreme sex then we can certainly provide this. Maybe spanking do you prefer? It is possible to be spanked by our ladies, but you can also spank them. Receiving or giving, it’s entirely up to you.

Escort Girls as Mistress for soft SMimage

The extreme side of SM might be impossible, but soft SM is certainly under the extreme variant of the escort profession. The beautiful lady that you choose will be your mistress and do everything with you where others that step might not want to put to you. The beautiful women that you can see here on the website do everything to make you feel at home. So you can fully enjoy to be used.
Many men in the business world, the need to give up control. They provide all-day assignments and to keep everything under control. By an escort as book Mistress for soft SM, they can even let go completely control. Just enjoy the opposite, to make the tough decisions to handle better.


At facesitting will escort you home or in your hotel room receives sit on your face. The name says it all. The feeling of suffocation for many people is very exciting. But of course there is more to it. Because you can satisfy the escorts through oral sex in this way, but you can also excite them to anal with your tongue. There are more options than you might think. Our escort girls are all creative enough to make you amazed therein.
Rimming (giving and receiving)
Rimming is licking the anus and is also known as anilingus or rimming. Many people find this very exciting and implement more extreme side of sex with their partner. Our Ladies can rimming, but it is also possible to carry this out with them. The ladies will ensure that their anus will be absolutely clean and will therefore ask to do the same, to keep a few things well pleasant and hygienic. Because rimming the mouth is carried out, it is also known under the name oral sex, but if you indicate clearly when booking an escort girl that you want rimming, it’s much clearer.

Enjoying a golden shower shower during servicejessica12

Do you like it when a woman urinates on your back, or you will find it very exciting to do this with your partner? Then the golden shower option is definitely for you. And since we also offer a shower service, you can combine these two as perfect at. When service will shower the ladies pamper you completely. So you can sensually massaged and washed and pampered by multiple ways of sex. And the golden shower is also under. So Make it clear that you are here also needs it, so we can find out the appropriate escort girls for you. But it is also possible to do this yourself by looking at our website. And there are many more things to the extreme with escorts and can do for you. Want to be anal while wearing a strap on for example? Give this simply and the call girl will bring a strap on. Deep Throat is also an option. This can be done in a normal way, but also more rugged and more extreme. As you can see, there is therefore more than enough to choose from.

Do you like women in lingerie?

You might find it nice to kiss appointment during the escort. However, this is not always possible. Often ladies will just kiss you if there is actually a certain chemistry between you and the escort is available. It is up to her to indicate this and you should certainly be respected. Do you like women in lingerie? The girls have each one more exciting sets that they can attract you.
Of course you can also go for the less extreme services to escort Amsterdam. Whatever you choose, you can reach us 24/7 anyway. Our ladies are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You only need to contact us and we will ensure that the appointment is made. Gives you so all your wishes to us. Almost everything is possible and that causes extreme escorts are so hugely popular. All appointments will expire discreet. So you can go speak with confidence as well as in a hotel at home. Due to our close contacts with many hotels in Amsterdam is a discrete event as whole as possible. If you contact us, our friendly staff member give you all the information you need to make a choice, then an appointment should be so for another. Enjoy the best extreme escorts who can be found in Amsterdam and its surroundings? Our escorts make it possible for you.

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